• Events!

    For the chance to win 5000 or even 6000 credit points, check out and particapate in this event to create a staff tag for the WoWBeeZ Staff! Here, We have another separate event running to make a header, with a chance to recieve a 4000 + 4000 Credit point reward. Here
  • The Best New Year Ever!

    Wowbeez team wishes everyone a Happy new year, we hope 2014 will be the best ever for everyone. Sincere thanks for playing on our servers for so long, will try our best to make this a warm and fun place for all!
  • Xmas Event

    The event started today 13 Dec and will end on 27 Dec. Redeem CP rewards by logging on our website every 24 hours. For 7 successful redeems you will gain a nice bonus on 8'th day. Thanks for choosing Wowbeez, have fun playing on our servers.
  • Server Wide Event!

    We're hosting a Halloween outfit event and you can win up to 5 items of choice, they'll be 5 winners. A forum account will be required in order to participate. Read more

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  • Fixes updated on Facebook

    We've posted all new applied fixes on our facebook fan page. To view our facebook link you need to be logged in. You may also check our forums for most recent updates or to join our community. Don't forget to give us a Like! Thanks.
  • Zero Tolerance

    From now on we're showing no mercy towards trolls who try to ruin the server community by insulting the staff and players. Read more about it here If you don't have an account, please register one, to keep yourself up to date with the rules and bug fixes.
  • Monthly Voting points and Rewards

    Dear players, thanks for voting for our private server this month. We have sent 56 VP to all accounts. In addition I also reset donor Monthly rewards. Thanks again and don't forget that votes will reset tomorrow and we need all to keep voting! Regards, Wowbeez Team
  • Fixes and updates

    We've applied a few more fixes to core and database. Visit our social pages for more details and comments.
  • Core and database fixes

    I've posted all new fixes made by Tudi and Blizzy on Dark soul realm on facebook and twitter. Check our social pages for details and comments.
  • More Fixed for DS

    We've updated a list of new fixes for DS Realm on our Facebook page. Check the list and don't forget to give us a like if you feel like it. Thanks for choosing Wowbeez private server.
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